When I was 13 my father and a few of his technicians built a MicroAce computer.  Dad brought it home to me and I started learning to program in BASIC.  I was hooked.

In 1985 I entered Auburn University and began work on my Bachelor of Computer Engineering degree.  I graduated with my Master of Science in Computer Engineering in 1992 and went to work as a software developer.

Since that time I've held development and architecture positions at one of the big three credit reporting agencies, two large financial institutions, a medical supply distribution company, one small dot-com startup, an insurance company, and my own web development firm.  I began my professional career in the days of C and C++ on Sun Workstations running the X Window System and eventually migrated to the web, virtual machines, and large-scale distributed systems.

Today I'm working as a Senior Software Engineer at Collective and I'm based in Jacksonville, Florida.  My current technical focus is on engineering large-scale data systems with Scala, Akka, and the Hadoop ecosystem.